E-Commerce Plugin
In today’s wedding marketplace, virtually all products and services can – and should – be sold online

If you’re not selling online, you’re missing a revolution that is literally changing the face of the Australian retail industry. And it’s happening incredibly fast.

You don’t have to sell a physical product in order to benefit from online sales (e-commerce). ProSites’ unique online store plug-in contains everything you’ll need to allow your clients to purchase and pay 24/7 without having to call or visit your physical location – hugely appealing for busy professionals.

Photographers can offer packages with a range of possible upgrades through an online store. Event hire companies can allow clients to rent equipment electronically. Hair and make-up artists can facilitate convenient online bookings for trial and wedding day packages. And that’s just for starters.

Using the PayPal platform, payment is easy and there are several other cost-effective online payment gateways to consider. Freight can be automatically configured based upon item weight, sale value or on an item-by-item basis.

Even if you don’t plan to accept online payment for your services, an online store is an ideal means to offer and manage a catalogue of products, services or add-ons. By thinking of your services as a product you’ll be able to merchandise and market your services to appeal to a much broader range of clientele.


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