Auto Sales Assistant
ProSites’ Auto Sales Assistant is your secret weapon in the battle for consumers’ attention

Use the Auto Sales Assistant to maintain regular contact with potential clients – and keep them coming back

The best opportunity to close the deal with potential clients who have browsed your website during their wedding planning stage is to stay in touch with them on a regular basis.

Brides are more likely to select a company which has been pro-active in its communication and ProSites can automate this entire process for you – creating a series of personalised conversations – using our Auto Sales Assistant.

Auto Sales Assistant makes it easy for you to set up a series of personalised follow-up emails to send to the database of potential clients ProSites’ lead capture tool has built on your behalf.

Imagine how meaningful it is to automatically make contact with targeted clients on a weekly or monthly basis. There’s no need to give them the hard sell, just invite them to view fresh content on your site and keep your business at the top of their mind.

There’s flexibility to schedule as few or as many emails as you like, and your customers can opt out of receiving messages at any time – essential to avoid being labelled a “spammer”. You can even build in special incentives as you draw closer to a potential client’s wedding – from surveys to competitions and more.

Below is a comparison of a traditional digital marketing strategy compared with the ProSites’ platform, which not only attracts new website visitors, but builds a database of potential clients you can market to – at no additional cost.


Perhaps you’ve had first-hand experience of ProSites’ Auto Sales Assistant already. You’d be forgiven for thinking we’d hand-crafted every message we sent you in the process of marketing’s new ProSites product!

Thousands of companies have expressed interest in’s services in recent times, so we make contact regularly to let them know about our latest products and services. You should be doing the same.

But there’s more to a successful digital marketing strategy than just marketing your services online – virtually any product or service in today’s marketplace can, and should, be sold online via a dedicated online store. Check out our e-commerce tools to find out how.


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