Lead Capture Tools
By re-marketing to your database of potential clients,
you’ll stand out from the pack in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace


Did you know the average conversion rate from a website visitor to an enquiry is less than 5%? That means a staggering 95% of visitors to your existing site will leave before they make an enquiry. Does that mean 95% aren’t interested in your products or services?  Of course not. They wouldn’t have visited your website unless they were.

These are valuable customers who are leaving because:

  • They’re not ready to make a purchase or booking yet and most websites are only tailored to the final outcome
  • They don’t like what they see on your site (if you’re great at what you do make sure your website proves it)
  • There’s not enough information or images to attract them to go any further

So….what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

ProSites has devised a simple solution. Combining our Lead Capture and Auto Sales Assistant tools creates a highly intuitive and efficient digital marketing machine. Here’s how:

Most business owners sit back and wait for website enquiries or sales to come rolling in. They often don’t. ProSites was designed to deliver a much efficient – and measurable – way of doing business online, anytime.

ProSites’ unique lead capture tool allows you to record the contact details of those visitors – and the proposed wedding date of potential clients – to build a valuable database which you can use to sell your services in a tailored strategy in the future.

Most brides spend over 250 hours and between 12 and 18 months planning their wedding. Our research shows that brides are likely to visit at least 10 competitors for any one product or service during their early wedding planning phase – so reaching out to them during this research stage is crucial.

But how? Using ProSites’ Auto Sales Assistant – read more about it here.


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