Snow, Foam & Bubble Effects

Snow, Foam and Bubble Effects are the ultimate in party fun!

Where would you use this effect?

Bubble effects are temendously popular these days and the effect can be used for all sorts of events such as fashion shows, concerts, weddings etc.  Our ranges of bubble machines have the capability of outputting thousands of bubbles per minute giving an almost fairy tale effect.

Foam parties are the ultimate in clubbing and kids entertainment.  We will travel to the location then setup the foam machine gear.  We will even run the foam party event.  The solution used to produce the foam effect is non toxic and does not irritate the eyes.

Snow effects to bring back the magic of Christmas or winter.  With a built in blower which allows the effect/snow to be spread over a considerable distance.  The snow machine is placed over a crowd or above a set to simulate falling snow.

Perfect for club effects, movies sets, and stage settings!