We will carry out a free site survey & preliminary risk assessment to ensure that your display can be provided safely.

When providing a firework display, Fantasy In The Sky considers safety to be the utmost importance. Our employees are all trained to follow the stringent safety procedures detailed in our comprehensive Health and Safety Policy.  We are happy to discuss safety issues with any relevant authorities and third parties.

In order to maintain the safety of spectators and employees of “Fantasy In The Sky” Fireworks at all times, further risk assessment checks will be carried out before setting up your display, before firing your display, and before and after clearing up your display.  One when these checks have been successfully completed will the Display go ahead.

Safety and fireworks go hand-in-hand and safety is tantamount at “Fantasy In The Sky” Fireworks.  Safety is an attitude that must be cultured and developed.  Fantasy In The Sky has a well-developed safety attitude.  An understanding of compliance with the appropriate laws and safety regulations, together with expert planning and execution, is your assurance of a smooth, safe and entertaining display.