Gas Fire & Flame Effects

Flames are always an impressive effect no matter how you use them.

Bring Excitement To Any Show!

We can produce small or large columns of flame, even fireballs for any event or concept.  Flame projectors create a small tower of fire from a fixed point.  These effects can enhance any indoor or outdoor sporting event, corporate convention or special event production.  Flame units can provide short burst and long duration flames.  No matter which effect you are looking for, whether it’s the Flame cannons, Flame bar or Flame projectors, we are bound to have the effect that will bring excitement to your show.

With the aid of modern DMX technology which reliably and precisely controls gas valves, a huge variety of gas flame effects can be created.  By using DMX control desks and analogue converters, these flames can be accurately controlled into fantastic chase effects and sequences.

They can also be choreographed to music to provide a spectacularly dramatic show at night!