Fog & Co2 Effects

Effect lighting changes the wall from fog white to event colour or to “flame” like effects.

Cryogenics are a great effect that can be used in numerous ways

You can have Co2 Jets set up as a runway for Football platers to run through or lined up to mask the entrance of a performer, only to have them appear after the effect has been completed.

Use an LSG (Low Smoke Generator) to create a beautiful cloud of low lying fog on the ground or creeping of a stage, the effects are endless.

Our Low Smoke Generator system effects, combines Co2 and stage Fog Fluid to create low-lying fog.
Fog curtains create walls of fog that enhance produc or talent unveils.  The walls range in length from 1m to 10m long and can even be over 5m high.

We can even mix our Co2 effects with our flame projectors to create something really special!