The new age of enhancing any indoor or outdoor event.

Streamers – Confetti – Air Launchers/Cannon

Airotechnics are not to be confused with pyrotechnics.  Our Airotechnics range uses a blast of air, compressed in the air tank for its lift charge to high pressured continuous flowing Co2 cylinders.  Which spreads a storm of streamers/flutters/confetti, raining down on the audience.  Our comprehensive line of streamer and confetti styles are unsurpassed in quality and originality.  Which is guaranteed to solve your production or event problems and produce a grand finale you won’t soon forget!

Flood the audience with a snow storm of Glittering Streamers and paper effects.  We can even shoot out $5 bills, T-shirts, and boxer shorts!!!

Airotechnics are widely used in grand openings, corporate presentations, trade shows, weddings, kid’s parties, magic productions, touring groups, television specials, sporting events, stage shows, theme parks, the list just goes on!