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We are an Australian Business that specialises in professional indoor/outdoor fireworks displays and special effects

What makes “Fantasy In The Sky” Fireworks different?
We are not just another fireworks company, we are masters of our craft – Pyrotechnics.

We boast an incredible range or fireworks and effects making sure the “wow” factor is implemented at every show.  We always guarantee to use care and precision in all of our work to ensure the best and safest possible results.  Our range of professional pyrotechnicians are all qualified and ready to assist you in setting up your unique event.

Fantasy In The Firework Co. is wholeheartedly committed to raising the standard of Australian firework displays.

Our tremendous expertise and our passion for fireworks, makes us who we are today.  We take great care to guide our clients ensuring the best display for them, large or small.  Our team of friendly experts are on hand to help you to choose the show to suit your event, and support you throughout the process.