Designer Profile

 Francesca creates sophisticated, elegant and timeless gowns, which are designed to enhance your unique shape.

Her collections are inspired by the early eras of fashion and accessories, starting from the 1920s, drawing elements from these decades to create classic contemporary styles with clean, feminine lines.

Francesca’s couture service allows each individual to express their ideas and vision for their piece. She works alongside you by listening and then adding her expertise, creativity, fabrics and embellishments, to bring your vision to life.

Francesca shares the experience with you, making your time with her memorable, stress-free and fun. She immerses herself not only in the creative process, but also in all the excitement leading up to the event and beyond.

At Couture by Francesca you truly go from being a client to a friend and then to family.

With a range of ready-to-wear gowns that take advantage of Francesca’s unique designs, her store is sure to cater both to minimalists and extravagant lovers alike.

Francesca takes pride in not just the design and crafting of gowns but the overall experience of your couture service.


With close to two decades of experince the art of dressmaking has been handed down through the generations, with Francesca’s great grandmother and grandmothers also being expert seamstresses.

With her grandmothers’ guidance, Francesca gained a unique sense of pattern-making and cutting from an early age. Creating outfits out of scrap materials or the odd curtain, the understanding of pattern-making and cutting blossomed.

Working over the years with a diverse range of clients and nationalities, Francesca’s honesty and compassion towards every customer insures you are looking and feeling your best for your special day.